Set up your custom URL via in under 9 steps.

Step 1:

Log in to your godaddy account.

You must know your "customer number" and the password you created when you bought your domain. The password has to be 9 characters, contain an uppercase letter, a number, cannot have spaces at the beginning or end, and cannot contain and "common words or phrases."  If that's not ringing any bells, we recommend looking through your email to see if they sent you your login info at some point.

Step 2:

Under the "domains" tab click the launch button of the URL you want to use

Step 3:

From the DNS menu, select
"DNS Manager"

Step 4:

Click "edit zone"

Step 5:

In the A (host) section, change the "points to" section to

(you'll have to hit "save zone changes" button when you're done. Godaddy says it can take up to 72 hours to work; usually it's instant, or at least within the hour)

Turns out "" and "" are not the same thing. To set up, you'll need to edit the CNAME section.

Expert mode

In the CNAME section, hit the "quick add" button and type in "www" to the "host" column, and the "@" symbol in the "points to" column. Hit the save zone file button when you're finished.

Step 6:

If you want to set up a subdomain, like "" you'll have to point it to ""

Step 7:

In your Designly account, click on the settings cog next to your site name to bring up the site settings menu. Here, change your custom domain to your godaddy URL and hit the "save changes" button.

This can take up to 72 hours to complete, but it's usually works within the hour, if not instantly.

Step 8:

Sit back, relax, and crack a beer. You now have a custom URL. If you need help please email us: